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Master Key Lock System

Master key systemMaster Key Lock System Boltons are designed to make key management at large buildings easy. Since we are professional lock smiths with great experience in all locking systems available on the market, we can be of huge assistance. If you are interested in a new master key lock system in Bolton, Ontario, ask our help.

Whether you want a simple master lock system or not, we can install it for you. If you have lost a key or have problems with some locks, you can always turn to Locksmith Bolton for services.

Why will you need a master key lock system?

With a master key lock system, your life becomes easier and the security at your property is increased. The simplest master lock solution will include rekeying the locks to work with one master key and several servant keys. The master key opens all doors in an apartment or office building. Each servant key will only open one apartment or office door.

This is a useful system since it allows a building’s super or manager to have access to all apartments or offices but each tenant or employee will only own the key to open his/her door.

It’s convenient to have an apt building master key system since the super doesn’t have to carry many keys and still have access to each apartment in case there is an emergency.

We can install any apt and office master key system

Now if you want a more complex office master key system, our company in Bolton can offer solutions to meet your needs. You may choose to restrict some areas but also enable some employees to have access to certain rooms. Everything is possible with the right services. Our experts have good training and great skills. We can install new master systems or rekey the cylinder locks to work with two keys. There are plenty of combinations. So, call us to discuss your security requirements.

Call us if you want master lock system service

Apart from having experience in the installation of such master lock systems, we assure you that our experts always travel with the right equipment to fix problems too. Is one of the keys lost? Is one of the door locks damaged? We can take care of any Bolton master key lock system efficiently. Since such trouble might be urgent, keep our phone number and call us to help you anytime.